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You get one chance to make a first impression

Lux Barrel Bungs

And that couldn’t be truer for your cellar. Whether you have a gorgeous underground facility or a small winery, you want to command attention for all the right reasons.

Lux Barrel Bungs™ are the finest wine barrel bungs on the world market today. Invented by a winemaker to satisfy his own demanding standards and his sense of aesthetics, the Lux Barrel Bung was created to complement the finest wines.

Are you ready to bring light and luxury to your winery? Contact to find out how!

Lux Barrel Bungs engraved to your specifications

Lux Barrel Bungs can be custom engraved to create one-of-a-kind gifts and merchandise.

(photos courtesy of Jack and Tammy Blake
Imagination to Imagery Photography

“Lux” is Latin for light and is the root word for “luxurious” and deluxe. The Lux Barrel Bung transmits not only light but also a sense of quality and elegance

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“We had our first 1,200 produced and they disappeared just by word of mouth.  Our next order is coming in soon and nearly half are being shipped directly to France.” Don Corson, Inventor and Wine Maker